CEO @ SED Web Enhancement

  • Bachelor’s degree in Scienze dell’Informazione (Computer Science) presso l’Università di Bologna
  • Developer & CEO at SED Web Enhancement (Web Agency)
  • Followed a course in Neural Networks for Machine Learning (Coursera)
  • Followed a course in Natural Language Processing (Coursera)
  • Followed a course in Human-Computer Interaction (Coursera)
  • Followed a course in Programming Mobile Applications for Android (Coursera)

Hai un'idea o un progetto che vorresti sviluppare?


Tailor made solutions to suit your company needs. Cutting edge technologies, creativity and new strategies that will help you reach unique business solutions.

Discover our technologies to meet your business requirements and services that will make your business flourish. Feel free to contact me, we will find the best solution together!


PHP / CMS / WordPress
HTML5 / CSS3 / Browsers compatibility
UI / Javascript / jQuery / Animations
Android / iOS / Mobile App

Servizi Web e Mobile

App per Smartphone e Tablets
Android / iOS / iPad / Windows Phone
Sito web con WordPress / CMS
Bla bla bla bla
Design e Grafica accattivante e alla moda
Speed of light
Hosting su Server ultraveloce
Speed of light

Servizi di Pubblicità e Marketing

Marketing su Facebook e Google Ads
Speed of light
Strategie di comunicazione efficaci e mirate
Speed of light
Speed of light